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SILT is a collaborative design research platform focused on ecological resilience and social inclusion.

At SILT, we strive to create spaces and experiences that not only address and mitigate the present disparity between people, but also bridge the growing disconnect between humans and nature. Our multidisciplinary collaboration engages in research across the scale: from efficiency of designed elements and tactile intensity of spatial experiences to the optimization of ecological imprints of large compounds. We dedicate ourselves to achieving holistic design solutions that encourage respectful coexistence for all in a shared environment.




The studio is a collaborative and diverse group of designers that leads the design efforts at SILT. The studio has completed projects across the country in different scales, ranging from industries, residential, commercial and mixed use spaces. In all cases, the primary goal of the studio is to create spaces not only address but go beyond the users' pushing the boundaries of spatial experiences through intense design deliberations


SILT is constantly striving to innovate within the contextual framework while also questioning its limitations. As such, all of SILT's efforts begin by exploring the possibilities of the different elements and their inter-relationships in creating resilient spaces. The research section is at the heart of these explorations. through a joint effort between in-house researchers and external collaborators, the research wing performs qualitative studies theoretical explorations, on ground surveys and, elemental iterations to inform the overall output across all the wings.


The implementation wing at combines innovative
use of resources and materials with maximum
utilization of technology and skills, to streamline the construction process towards successful completion of projects. SILT Implementation has also started to incorporate BIM technology in their workflow, to further optimize the journey of a project from the drawing board to inhabitation.


SILT believes sensitivity, efficiency and optimization at an elemental level results in resilient built environments overall. With this aim in mind, the product development wing at SILT creates living aids- furniture that have optimized resource consumption, low impact construction and lifecycle durability through multipurpose usability. Along with living aids, the product developments wing also explores products and processes that increase construction efficiency while decreasing environmental impact.

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